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Regular contributors: Daryl French, Dave Barrett, Garrett Evans, Garry Harlen, Garry Scrimgeour, John Giacon, John Gommans, Matt Pate, Nick Taransky, Peter Storey, Tim Wood, Tony Orman, Tony Smith and Tony Walsh.

Photographers: David Lambroughton and Harry Moores (this image is Harry's work and there's a preview of the issue linked to it).

Issue 161, Winter 2017, will be distributed late May.


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Auckland: Rod & Reel; Botany Hunting & Fishing; Hamilton: Fish City; Waikato Hunting & Fishing; Rotorua: Rotorua Hunting & Fishing; The Landing Cafe (Lake Tarawera); Taupo: Fly & Gun Hunting & Fishing; Taupo Rod & Tackle; Hawkes Bay: Rivers to Ranges, Hastings. Nelson: Nelson Hunting & Fishing; Christchurch: Fisherman's Loft; Gore: Shooters World.

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