New Zealand's only dedicated trout fishing magazine, since 1991 . . .

Trout Fisher began as a single folded A3 sheet, black and white weekly newsletter, in 1991. The initial idea was simply to produce a retirement fund but as the magazine expanded, so did intent. 52 pages, in full colour, it became the only magazine in the country dedicated to salmonid fishing for nearly two decades. Since Covid the NZ economy has taken a major downturn, diminishing sales and raising costs until the print side became no longer viable and the publisher suspended that side with Issue 186.
In his lifetime, with the means to control if not lessen widely avaiable throughout, the world's population has more than doubled. All the challenges humanity faces can be slowed if not stopped, once we live within sustainable environmental limits. Besides providing a snapshot of opportunity, Trout Fisher attempts to show how this reality applies to one small part of the chain.
Regular contributors include: Andrew Harding, Andrew Young, Damon Taylor, Garry Scrimgeour, James Fuller, John Gommans, Les Hill, Mel Hollis, Mick Hall, Mike Weddell, Nick Taransky, Peter Gould, Peter Storey, Simon Hoole, Tony Orman, Tony Smith and Zane Mirfin.
Photographers: Andrew Harding, Les Hill and Zane Mirfin (this image is Todd Storey's work).


Like most of his writers and readers, the publisher’s overriding interest in trout fishing is sight-fishing . . . 

. . . so when not fishing the lake you'll most likely find him offering hand-tied flies to local brown trout.



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